Calze compressive da ciclismo. A cosa servono?

Compression cycling socks. What are they for?

The compression socks they are designed to improve hemodynamics , i.e. the movement of blood, producing a pressure gradient that facilitates venous reflux e prevents the stagnation of the blood, thus promoting oxygenation and the recovery after exercise.

Main purpose:

The compression socks their main purpose is to "lighten" the lower limbs, in particular, calves, ankles and feet during sports. In recent years they have increasingly taken hold in various sports disciplines, including the cycling , is one of the main ones.

When to wear them?

The compression socks for cycling they can be worn before, during and after exercise.

The main purpose remains the same and that is to make the feet and more generally the lower limbs less tired from training . and from performance and have the muscles ready and agile to better face the next physical activity.

Who should use them?

The compression cycling socks can be used by all sportsmen who feel the need for it, without any restrictions since their use does not cause any contraindications.

Models on the market:

There are several variants that the various brands make available to customers. We in PRO 'line , we focused on one compression sock light and comfortable that keeps all the characteristics of our products unaltered and adds that so much sought-after beneficial effect.

The opinions of those who use them:

In conclusion, as with anything that promises better recovery or less physical exertion, the feeling is very subjective.

In some cases, i our athletes they tell us to warn the lightest foot and therefore to have one smoother pedaling .

What we suggest is of try , evaluate by bike how does it feel, le sensations that are felt during the outings and then decide if they are the product suitable for use with greater continuity compared to other models.

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