Cosa significa sentirsi fluothinker?

What does it mean to feel fluothinker?

You have often heard us mention or write this word but where does it come from?  

This term comes from the need and the need to find an identifying word for our concept .

When a brand lands on social media ( Instagram in particular), the first step is to identify what makes it unique.  

But how do you describe your project in one word?  

We believe that a single word can sum up the meaning of a project, but only if it is the right word . The right word is the one that contains our message, our vision, our values.  

We then reflected on what could be the best word to sum up the whole PRO 'line world ... fluothinker was born, first of all, from what has always characterized us in our productions: fluorescence ! Used in the use of bright colors and combinations.  

But there is another reason behind this name: fluothinker means "ideas born of thinking differently" . This is exactly what we do when we develop new products: we think outside the box , combine different elements and create something new, something that will make us think: “Yes, this will make us recognize!”.  

In addition to the "productive" meaning of this term, fluothinker is becoming a way of life for us!  

Looking at what surrounds us and appreciating all its colors , even the brightest, living in the moment and loving all its nuances , is to ride a bike , have fun, laugh, joke and feel the wind caressing your face ... it's traveling, seeing places, love sport, respect the planet we live on and enjoy every little thing with extreme spontaneity .  

Well, when you think about one of our products , think about all this too, because that product does not represent only a material asset but represents everything we have tried to describe to you in this article, everything we believe in and that we carry forward with determination and passion.

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