Perché le calze sono al centro della nostra produzione?

Why are socks at the heart of our production?

With cycling it was love at first sight ...

And if they asked us to say why, it is because we immediately understood how the passion that is so natural in our work can be perfectly combined with this sport .

But it also seemed to us that one element could be reinvented, revisited in the world of cycling: the sock !

It is a story of passion , but also of commitment and effort . It is difficult to find the right words, it all started with one goal: to be able to create a collection that embraced the creativity and uniqueness of our brand through “differently distinctive” products .

Today the sock is an accessory that completes the cyclist's clothing.

It is a garment made with light fibers and a perfect finish but, above all, it is something to wear with great style .

The design of the sock is also fundamental for us : in some respects, we consider them as works of art intended to be worn on the foot.

Cycling socks were the thing that, in our view, would give us the greatest freedom of expression, inspired us by pro teams , fluorescent colors , anything that could be put in the form of a design on a sock and , believe it, there are many things to "invent".

Socks are a unique medium for creativity!

We can't help but think that one of the reasons why our customers love to wear our designs is because we all fell madly in love with this accessory and, just like them, we are always looking for a new challenge that allows us to expand our view and show the world what we are capable of.

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