Come disegniamo e produciamo le nostre calze da ciclismo

How we design and manufacture our cycling socks

It is said that good ideas always come in the blink of an eye and for us at PRO 'line this rule is no exception.
A photo, a video, a fragment captured on the fly among the thousand tasks to be completed during the day ... and it is immediately the desire to draw, design, mix colors, blend styles, give life to a new collection .
Each design is born in our mind, thoughts on how many different ways we can find to ensure the best comfort for your feet, chase each other through the creative process.
Then comes the first draft that is processed through our graphics program, in some cases it is also made in an analog version, that is on a sheet to define its contours and colors live.
How we design and manufacture our cycling socks is not a trivial matter, we love what we do and believe that through the many hours of work in the office, in the laboratory we will be able to create a product that reflects everything for which it was designed.
The fundamental thing is to know how to define the idea and give it a first form, even rough, this is essential in order not to let the inspiration slip away.
During the design process of a new creation, we always try to improve it. And it is in the final stage of production that we can achieve this. We work closely with our suppliers from the start to create a prototype that brings smiles to the faces of our #fluothinkers ... smiles that are always worth many miles on the road.
With experience and knowledge to draw from, we were able to simplify everything and conclude this phase in just two steps: ideas and sharing .
From the very beginning and for almost all the time, we have been able to keep product peculiarities and price at the desired level.
We do this by keeping our supply chain lean , eliminating any unnecessary steps , until we are left with what is needed to create the best possible product at the best possible price guaranteeing what matters most to us and to those who support us: Quality and sustainability !
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