Why do cyclists use long socks?

Trends and fashion , aerodynamics and performance , there are numerous rumors about the use of high socks among cyclists . Surely everything we see on TV and on social media, worn by the PROs , somehow conditions us, pushes us to think that if used by “them” there will be some positive effect on the performance. 

Bradley Wiggins was one of the first to wear particularly long cycling socks, making it almost his distinctive symbol.

Sir Wiggo used to wear high socks in several stage races. What started out as an aesthetic issue has kicked off a practice to increase performance. 

The Uci , in recent years, has then imposed a limitation on the length of cycling socks , in response to a problem closely linked to the Marginal Gains strategy that Team Sky , current Team Ineos , was carrying out. 

The team's choice of socks did not seem to have any effect on performance, but the UCI still had to intervene because it was not dictated by the manufacturers' commercial strategies , but by the search for exaggerated aerodynamic advantages. 

The very fact that they are exasperated leads us at PRO 'line to think that there is no real and effective advantage in the use of higher socks and moreover, for us common amateurs and lovers of cycling , the Marginal Gains are pure utopia . 

The average height of our socks is 18 cm , our models range from a minimum height of 17 cm to a maximum of 22 cm (we always consider the heel as a starting point). 

We do not chase fashions, we chase unique designs , we believe that our socks represent the exact compromise between style and design, comfort and lightness, they are designed for our #fluothinkers to whom we remain faithful, always keeping in mind that quality is the our most important resource and the one to which we pay more and more attention . 

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